Water Damage Disasters in Sugar Land, TX

Nobody wants to see a dark wet stain on the ceiling or a malfunctioning appliance. Water damage can come from many different places like weak infrastructure, burst plumbing or malfunctioning appliances.

Wherever it starts from, we recommend hiring a professional to remove it. Water damage has been known to result in serious harm in your home when neglected. Neglected water damage may lead to mold blooms, especially in the humid weather in Sugar Land, TX and across the Southeast. Paul Davis Emergency Services also treats mold damage as well, learn more here.

Since the beginning of our company, water damage cleanup is a Paul Davis core service. The contractors with the Paul Davis team are equipped to eliminate water damage for its short and long-term effects.

Emergency Service Experts

When water damage strikes homes or businesses in Sugar Land, Paul Davis contractors use specialized tools and proven methods to remove moisture and dry the area. Even if a floor looks clean outside, there may be water in the subfloor or behind the wall that can only be seen by infrared cameras or moisture meters. You can prevent costly repairs in the future by choosing an experienced emergency company to handle these situations.

Contact us or use the “24-hour Emergency Services” button to get immediate help. We are committed to answer your request within half an hour and arrive on site within four hours.

Why Paul Davis?

Paul Davis professionals use the proper processes to deliver the most accurate estimate for water damage on your property. Paul Davis specialists also help with the insurance claims process, making it faster for you. We connect you with top contractors to repair the water damage, so you don’t have to worry.